For U.S. based clients, at Fox D Consulting we can help you apply for your licence and comply with the individual regulations of the specific state that you are seeking to grow or dispense cannabis in. With regulations for cannabis products being controlled at the state level, we know that there are complex regulations that apply towards working with cannabis in the United States, and we have experience working in the field to ensure that your application meets and exceeds the requirements of your state. We have worked with clients in a number of states, including helping retail outlet applicants in achieving dispensary licenses across the State of California and Colorado.

We will work to not only make sure that you reach the requirements set forth by the state you are looking to work in, but also exceed those standards to help improve your chances of approval. Contact us to discuss your individual situation, learn more about out experience working with clients in the United States, and find out about what Fox D Consulting can do to help you be successful with your application.