Strategic Partners

At Fox D Consulting, we work with a number of the most trusted names in the industry to help ensure that your documentation is correct, complete, and meets the requirements of Health Canada to help increase the chances of a successful application. Our partners specialize in a number of different areas relating to your facility, and we recommend them completely on the basis of merit and a successful track record with other applications.

Facility Consulting


We work with CannaPro, who have decades of professional horticultural experience and will help to plan your facility to meet the specifications of Health Canada as well as meeting the needs of your business. Their team includes former professional greenhouse growers, experienced architects who have worked on designing high-end cannabis facilities, cutting edge equipment specialists, professional grower consultants, and more.

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Universal Fabricating

Universal Fabricating provides versatile and innovative solutions to greenhouse building, and offer a wide range of greenhouse styles to meet the needs of their clients as well as a number of ventilation options for your greenhouse. They are also a manufacturer of greenhouse parts to help make assembly and repair of your greenhouse easier.  As a trusted greenhouse builder, Universal Fabricating offers economical and flexible solutions to meet your needs.

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Site Survey



Surveyors on Site (S.O.S.) Limited

Health Canada requires an up-to-date building location survey, prepared and certified by a qualified surveyor. This survey should show the lot dimensions and relatively location and dimensions of all buildings and improvement for the property, along with a clearly-identified perimeter of the site.

S.O.S. will be able to provide you with a complete site survey of your facility location and ensure that all of the requirements of the survey for your application are met. They are a leader in providing cost effective and on time surveys using state-of-the-art equipment, and they have handled large and small scale projects across North America.

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Engineering Drawings, HVAC Design & Floor Plans

Floor plans are required for the application submission, although you do not have to have fully engineered construction drawings at the time of your application. As the floor plan that you submit MUST be the floor plan that is followed for the build out or retrofit of the facility, our team can give you recommendations on strategic partners that we have worked with in the past who can guide you on your engineering requirements, HVAC design, and floor plans.



Baymar Supply Limited

Baymar Supply Ltd. provides premium heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) products to Southwestern Ontario, and have locations in Windsor and London. Their experience includes work on commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential projects. They also provide design assistance, product selection advice, and project management solutions.

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Stamp & Hammer

Stamp & Hammer is an architectural firm providing design and construction services for both residentail and commercial clients. They will sit down with you to design the facility plans that meet the needs of your business so your engineering drawings meet all of the necessary requirements. They will help you maximize your lot in order to design a facility that best takes advantage of the space you have available.

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Security Compliance & Design



Jeff Hannah & Associates

Health Canada requires that each applicant provide a detailed floor plans which clearly show each of the security devices that will be deployed to meet the security requirements of Division 1, Subdivision C and the Security Directive. Additionally, applicants are required to provide specific information about their security systems including their components and capabilities.

Our preferred consulting firm that we suggest completing these areas is Jeff Hannah & Associates. This firm has the technical knowledge and MMPR/Cannabis Act experience to create clear, detailed, and compliant security system designs. Their experience allows them to create designs that meet Health Canada’s requirements without unnecessary expenses often proposed by inexperienced consultants and integrators.

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Record Keeping Software



Ample Organics Seed to Sale Software System

The Cannabis Act requires that you have a functioning record keeping software system in your facility, and at Fox D Consulting, we trust the Ample Organics Seed to Sale Software System as part of our Standard Operating Procedures to meet that requirement for our clients. This system is designed to be fully compliant with the Cannabis Act as set out by Health Canada, and allows you to track things on a micro or macro level throughout the system. This system also incorporates the latest developments in the cannabis industry to ensure that you remain up-to-date with all new requirements, and gives you an unparalleled level of control, accountability, and traceability.

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