Standard Operating Procedures

A full set of Standard Operating Procedures must be included with your application documents, and we can help you assemble a comprehensive SOP document that covers all of the requirements set out by Health Canada. Depending on the type of technology within your facility, the requirements for your documents can change drastically, so the Standard Operating Procedures documents we assemble for your facility will be customized and based on your specific operation.

All SOP documents will be created to follow all Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Production Practices, requirements of the Cannabis Act, the Controlled Drug and Substances Act and the Narcotic Control Regulations. We will also include security Standard Operating Procedures that are designed based on your security compliance and design documents.

Our Standard Operating Procedures not only fulfill the requirements of a Cannabis Act application but they cover all areas of a fully functioning facility. These including but are not limited to: Federal Labour Standards, Provincial Employment Standards, Ethical Business Standards, Canada Food Inspection Authority Standards, Third Party Food Safety Audit Standards, and Natural Health Product Regulations.