Company Profile

Fox D Consulting is a regulatory consulting firm focusing in the Canadian cannabis industry. We offer a diverse range of consulting services for the cannabis industries in Canada, the United States and the European Union. Our full-service firm specializes in providing regulatory consulting focusing on quality assurance and facility optimization in the Canadian Cannabis Industry.

We incorporate a team of multidisciplinary associates that concentrate on regulatory requirements in the cannabis sector. Our experts will strategically direct your team through the application process while taking care of any hurdles that may arise and ensuring each client is decisively achieving your end goals.

We will assist our clients in fully maximizing the potential of cannabis cultivation, processing and dispensary business opportunities.

Our experience in consulting on 70+ commercial applicants and Licensed Producers has given us the in-depth knowledge on the ever changing industry and Health Canada requirements. We have been working in the Canadian cannabis industry since the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations were first introduced, and have tracked changes and what they mean for Licensed Producers and clients over the years to better advise our clientele on making the appropriate decisions.

Our team has an extensive background in a range of medical sectors, including psychology and the pharmaceutical industry. We provide high quality cannabis sector advisory services based on a defensible framework of applicable laws, regulatory standards and industry best practices over various areas. 

In addition to working with clients in Canada, we have also worked with clients in the United States and the European Union, including advising over a dozen dispensary and retail outlet applicants in achieving dispensary licenses across the State of California and Colorado. Our experience in the U.S. retail market provides us with a keen advantage to provide much-needed insight into the new business market in Canada with legalization on the horizon.


Transparency in business is more than a mantra, it’s essential. As long as people are people, there will be those who don’t keep integrity as their model.

Fox D Consulting does not take any ‘kickbacks’, referral fees, gifts or funds on behalf of any companies or suppliers it suggests or refers to a client. We choose our suppliers solely based on merit, and the suppliers and companies that we suggest have successful track records with Health Canada and our previous clients to help maximize the opportunity for an accepted application. To learn more about the suppliers we work with, see Strategic Partners.