For our clients in Canada, Fox D Consulting can guide you through the entire process of obtaining your Cannabis Act licensing to grow cannabis. The process of becoming a Licensed Producer is very complex, with a number of aspects that you have to take into account in order for your application to be successful, including:

  • Intake and Initial Screening

  • Detailed Review and Initiation of Security Clearance Process

  • Issuance of Licence to Produce

  • Introductory Inspection

  • Pre-Sales Inspection

  • Issuance of Licence to Sell

Intake and Initial Screening

Your application will be screened for completeness, including a business plan, security clearance, record-keeping methods, and more.

Detailed Review and Initiation of Security Clearance Process

All information you submit as part of your application includes an assessment of the application to ensure that it meets all regulations, ensuring that the issuance of the licence is not likely to create a risk for the public, and establish that there are no other grounds to review the application.

Because of the strict requirements to be granted a licence and complexities in the application process, many applications to Health Canada are refused or returned as incomplete and require additional information. We can also correspond with Health Canada on your behalf to make sure that all required information is gathered and the process continues to move forward.

Introductory Inspection

Once you are a Licensed Producer, an inspection will be performed as cultivation begins to ensure that you are meeting all of the Cannabis Act requirements, including physical security of the site, record keeping practices, and Good Production Practices (GPP) to ensure that everything is in order.

Pre-Sales Inspection

Health Canada will perform an inspection to verify that you are meeting the requirements of the Cannabis Act, including Good Production Practices, packaging, labeling, shipping, and record keeping prior to allowing the sale or provision of the product.

Issuance of Licence to Sell

The final step of the assessment of the requirements of the Cannabis Act is to perform a final inspection to confirm that the sale of the cannabis products is not likely to create a risk to public health, safety, or security, and to confirm that there are no other reasons to refuse the application. When that is completed, the Licensed Producer will be authorized to supply products to registered clients.

To learn more about the application process to become a Licensed Producer of Cannabis for Medical Purposes, click here.

Due to the complexity of the application process, this process can take over a year to complete and there are numerous reasons that the application can be refused or sent back for incompleteness. At Fox D Consulting, we specialize in ensuring that your application is complete and meets all of the requirements of the Cannabis Act with the goal of getting you approved as a Licensed Producer. For more information on the ways we can help you with the Cannabis Act application process from start to finish, see our Services below: